For decades, building a conservatory has remained one of the most popular home renovations. With its ability to enhance living space, add significant value and modernise your home, it’s no surprise that thousands of homeowners continue to invest in a conservatory.

By far, one of the most sought-after benefits of a conservatory is the abundance of design ideas now available to choose from. Customising your space has never been easier, but with so many possibilities, where do you start?

Having specialised in conservatories in Buckingham for more than ten years, Crown Windows has been lucky enough to work with hundreds of clients to transform their homes. We have picked up a host of excellent conservatory ideas to help begin your design journey, so we are going to share a few of our favourites!

Transform Your Home With These Conservatory Ideas!

Whether you opt for a small or large conservatory, modern or traditionally designed, you most definitely won’t be short for ideas on creating a homely space for the family to enjoy. While most homeowners transform their conservatory into an extra lounge, there are no limitations on how you choose to utilise your new room. Our conservatory ideas below range from how to decorate your space to choosing the right roof, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look!

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Small Conservatory Ideas

The key to successfully designing a smaller space is to keep it minimal. From your choice of furniture to your colour palette, the more you can focus on simplicity, the more practical your room will become. With this in mind, here are our top small conservatory ideas:

1. Add A Window Seat

For those who adore a more traditional aesthetic, a window seat would be the perfect addition while still allowing you to utilise every inch of your space. Incorporating a cleverly positioned yet simple window seat into your conservatory design will free up a vast amount of floorspace, preventing the room from feeling overcrowded. You can complete your window seat with cushions, blankets and more, making a super cosy spot for unwinding or socialising with loved ones.

2. Choose Space-Saving Furniture

If furniture is a must-have for your conservatory, then always try to take advantage of space-saving designs. From slimline dining tables and chairs to multi-purpose coffee tables, there are tones of fabulous creations that can help you create a comfortable conservatory without using too much space. My Small Space specialises in designing furniture that maximises the potential of smaller rooms, so they are definitely worth checking out!

3. Keep The Colour Scheme Light

The secret to decorating any small room is to keep the colour scheme light as this will help open up the space. While darker colours absorb light and make the room appear more enclosed, the light will bounce off softer shades, creating the illusion of a more spacious area. If you would like to add pops of bright colour, we’d recommend integrating these shades through accessories but keeping the walls, flooring and main furniture light.

4. Create A Cosy Spot

A conservatory doesn’t necessarily have to be a space where every member of the family retreats. Many of our clients opt for using their new room as a cosy spot for ‘me time’ where you know that you relax and unwind in peace and quiet. For the perfect quiet zone, complete your conservatory with a comfortable armchair and footstool – you could even choose a storage footstool to help keep your space tidy!

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    Conservatory Room Ideas

    When designing the build of your conservatory, the customisation possibilities will be endless! You can convert your new space into any room type that you wish; the most common conservatory room ideas are the following:

    5. Lounge

    As mentioned previously, an extra lounge remains the most popular use of a conservatory, creating the perfect spot for the family to gather. It is a fantastic option, particularly for those who regularly host guests, as it allows you to keep everyone in one place while keeping the remainder of your home tidy. Not only this, but building a second lounge also gives you the opportunity to play around with a more creative decor scheme away from your main space.

    6. Home Office

    A home office has become a must-have for many over the past few years, so why not consider using your conservatory as your new workplace? The use of glazing on conservatories means that your new home office will have a constant stream of natural light, which will be hugely beneficial to your productivity levels. You’ll also be able to keep your place of work away from the main home, helping you maintain a better work-life balance.

    7. Playroom

    If you have a young family, it can feel as if the smallest members manage to spread their chaos across the entire home. However, by using your conservatory to house a fabulous new playroom, all toys, gadgets and activities can be tucked away in one place, keeping other rooms clutter-free. You’ll also be able to give your little ones somewhere they can truly call their own, which we’re certain they’ll be super excited about!

    8. Dining Room

    Not every home is designed with a dining room, but this most definitely doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your vision of enjoying a meal around the table with your loved ones. Using your conservatory as a dining room is a wonderful way to create a homely living space. And even better, it gives you the perfect opportunity to soak up the morning sunshine while tucking into your breakfast!

    9. Utility Room

    Utility rooms are a hugely practical way to utilise your conservatory space. If you are planning to go down this route, then we would recommend opting for a lean-to conservatory as these are closer to the design of an extension, featuring a rectangular shaped floorplan and straight roof. This will make it far easier to design the inside of your utility room, accommodating appliances and plenty of storage space.

    Mother And Son In Conservatory

    Conservatory Décor Ideas

    One of the most exciting stages of your conservatory build will be finding the perfect decor scheme. Whether you adore a contemporary or classic design, there are hundreds of conservatory décor ideas to choose from. Here are some of our favourites:

    10. Modern

    If you prefer a bright, airy and spacious atmosphere, then a modern style conservatory would be best suited. Fusing a neutral colour palette with clean lines and minimal decorative details, a modern theme will allow you to create a super tranquil retreat. Create the perfect space using these top modern conservatory ideas:

    • Plants: Plants and flowers are a fabulous way to add a pop of colour to your space while keeping the design simplistic. Opt for large plants in statement pots or vases of bright flowers to transform your aesthetic.
    • Wooden Flooring: In a modern conservatory, it’s likely that the walls, ceilings and staple furniture will be a neutral colour, all of which are beautifully complemented by wood flooring. We recommend light or medium-toned wood as darker wood can absorb heat.
    • Bi-Folding Doors: One of the most sought-after contemporary home trends is creating a seamless transition between home and garden. This can be integrated into your conservatory by replacing a wall of glazing with side-to-side bi-folding doors. If you adopt this idea, always ensure that your doors are equipped with double glazing to help keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature. Contact our team for more information on double glazing in Buckingham.

    11. Traditional

    While in more recent years, homeowners have been designing more contemporary conservatories, the timeless traditional style conservatory is very much still in fashion. Whether it may be a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, the distinctive pitched roof, multi-faceted design and ornate detailing will always add a beautiful touch to any home. These conservatory types are typically used to bring the outdoors in, allowing homeowners to unwind in their space while admiring their garden. Ultimately, a traditional conservatory is designed with relaxation in mind, meaning that they are typically used as an extra lounge filled with comfortable sofas, a coffee table and lots of cosy finishing touches.

    12. Country

    For those who would like to combine elements of modern and traditional aesthetics, why not consider a country style conservatory? Typically integrated into a uPVC conservatory, the country decor theme will be based on a neutral colour scheme but with rustic details such as wooden furniture, layered textures, and pops of colour.

    There are many chic colour schemes that can help you to adopt the country aesthetic. For a more minimalist approach, white and duck-egg blue would look fabulous, while pastel floral patterning would be ideal for a more vibrant theme. The most challenging aspect will be balancing your chosen colours as this will prevent your conservatory from looking overcrowded. Take a look at The Spruce for information on the 60-30-10 colour rule, as this will help you with finding the perfect balance.

    Kitchen Diner Conservatory

    Conservatory Roof Ideas

    An aspect that is often overlooked when designing a conservatory is the roof. While the roof may not always be considered crucial for aesthetics, it can have a massive impact on the appearance, temperature and longevity of your conservatory. The two main roof types are the following:

    13. Glazed Roof Conservatory

    A glazed roof conservatory is the most common option, used for Edwardian, Victorian and Gable style designs. This is ideal for those hoping to make a decorative statement with the roof, integrating the ornate details that a traditional conservatory is recognised for.

    When designing this roof type, the use of double glazing will be imperative. In the past, many conservatories were built with single glazed panels, which is the main cause of the common problem of the room being too cold in the winter but unbearably hot in the summer. Through installing a double glazed roof, on the other hand, the conservatory will remain at a comfortable temperature all year round, able to retain heat and prevent cold air from seeping in.

    14. Solid Roof Conservatory

    In more recent years, solid roof conservatories have become incredibly popular amongst our clients. A solid roof allows you to take advantage of classic conservatory features such as glazed walls while still having a ceiling to fit lighting. They are perfect for those interested in designing a conservatory that would feel more like an extension of the home rather than an entirely new space.

    When choosing a solid roof conservatory, you do not have to sacrifice altogether the idea of having natural light streaming down. Many of our clients integrate skylight windows into their roofs, which allows them to enjoy the sunshine and stargaze while still making use of a solid ceiling. For more information on our range of windows in Buckingham and how these can be incorporated into your conservatory design, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team!

    Solid Roof Conservatory

    Speak To Our Team For More Modern Conservatory Ideas!

    Above are just some of the many ways that you can add a personalised touch to your conservatory and create a space that you can truly call your own. From the way in which you plan to use your room to the decor scheme, the modern conservatory ideas are endless! If you are hoping to renovate your existing conservatory or build a new space from scratch, our team are always just a phone call away to begin discussing your project.

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