Bay windows look stunning in any home and provide a multitude of benefits: not only do they let more light into your home, making it feel bigger and brighter, but they also create a little ‘nook’ at the edge of the room, providing the perfect space to get creative with.

If you are wondering what to do with this space and are in need of some inspiration, read on to discover some of our favourite bay window ideas. These ideas will help you to make the most of the extra space and natural light provided by your bay window, be it big or small.

Bay Window Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

The team at Crown Windows have many years of experience designing and installing windows, doors, and conservatories in Buckingham, meaning that we have plenty of ideas on how our clients can make the most out of their bay windows. We thought we’d put together this article to provide you with some bay window inspiration and demonstrate how these stunning features can upgrade your home by enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality. If you are interested in fitting or replacing bay windows in Buckingham, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to start discussing your options.

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    Bay Window Living Room Ideas

    It is common for bay windows to be located in the living room, so we thought we’d provide a couple of bay window living room ideas to help you take advantage of the extra space and natural light. The beauty of these ideas is that they can be enjoyed by the entire family, regardless of age.

    Picturesque Window Seat

    One advantage of bay windows is that they often provide a stunning panoramic view. If your living room is positioned such that your bay window looks out onto your beautifully manicured garden, why not make the most of this stunning scene by installing a window seat in the nook of your bay window? This way, you will be able to comfortably sit and enjoy the view for hours, whether you choose to do so in the company of a loved one and many cups of tea or by yourself while unwinding from a long week.

    If you have the space, you could always place a coffee table by the window seat to hold your hot drinks whilst you chat, read your favourite book, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of nature throughout all weather conditions. We think that a round coffee table that is sized so that it slots into the recess created by the bay window would look especially elegant! Other ways you can enhance the aesthetics of your picturesque window seat include adding some decorative throw pillows and blankets, and even having curtains or blinds fitted to create a cosy feel to the space.

    window seat

    Home Library

    If your family is full of bookworms, this bay window living room idea is perfect for you! By having storage shelves built around your bay window, you can create the perfect place to both store and display your favourite books with pride. Not only this, but should you decide to install a window seat in the recess of your bay window as we previously suggested, you will be able to simply grab something to read off the shelving before curling up on the seat for some quiet time.

    We love this idea because it provides a clever storage solution to help you keep your home clutter-free without having to throw away any of your beloved belongings. Moreover, it creates a space where you can read for hours on end while bathed in natural light without the hassle that comes with reading outside. Pages flapping in the wind, pesky bugs, and unexpected rain need no longer prevent you from enjoying the full glory of the sunlight alongside your book!
    bay window library Image credit: Pinterest

    Bedroom Bay Window Ideas

    If you are lucky enough to have a bay window in your bedroom, you may be wondering how you can make the most out of this stunning feature. Hopefully, our bedroom bay window ideas will provide you with all the inspiration you’ll need to create a personalised area you’ll love spending time in for hours on end!

    Cosy Relaxation Nook

    We all need time to relax and de-stress, whether due to a busy work or studying schedule or other commitments that prove demanding and tiring. That’s why we think that creating a cosy relaxation nook out of your bedroom bay window is such a great idea! Whether your room’s aesthetic is light and airy, dark and grungy, or somewhere in between, you can customise your little nook to reflect it to make it truly feel like your own. Your nook can be used for reading, watching Netflix, thread crafts, meditation, or whatever else you like doing to relax.

    When it comes to decorating your relaxation nook, we’d suggest you choose pillows, cushioning, blinds, and blankets in shades that go with the general colour scheme of your room so that the space is coordinated and doesn’t look garishly headache-inducing! Consider hanging fairy lights in the nook so that you can still spend time in the space after sundown while bathed in light. This will make it feel absolutely magical and transformative, perfect for when you need to escape from a hectic schedule for a little while.
    window nook Image credit: Country Living

    Bright Study Space

    Studying can be tedious at times, and this is exasperated when your study space is dark, gloomy and messy. Sufficient lighting, especially natural lighting, has been shown to improve productivity, so it is important to optimise your study time by ensuring that you spend it in a well-lit area. We can’t think of a better way to do this than by converting your bay window nook into a study space with the installation of a desk. This way, you will be showered in light from multiple angles and most likely find that you will be able to study more efficiently and for longer periods of time without tiring than if you were to sit in a poorly-lit space.

    We recommend keeping your study space simple and clutter-free to minimise distractions. All you’ll need on your desk is your studying materials, a desk lamp and a beverage to sip on as you work. Everything else should be stored out of sight and out of mind! Make sure that you take regular breaks to stretch your legs, grab a snack and use the bathroom! If you find that you are easily distracted by your phone, consider using the Forest App to help you stay focused.
    window study Image credit: Incite

    Small Bay Window Ideas

    If your bay window is on the small side and not big enough to create a large, comfy seating area, don’t worry! You can still make the most of it using our fun and creative small bay window ideas.

    Window Garden

    If you’re a fan of houseplants, you’ll love this one! Why not use your bay window area to create an indoor window garden? All you’ll need to do is place a few of your favourite potted plants beneath the window (either on the floor or on the window seat) and allow them to soak up the glorious sunshine. If you’re feeling extra, you could always add hanging plants to the area or have little shelves installed across your windows to accommodate even more potted plants!

    This idea not only provides you with the facilities to fuel your house plant obsession but will also enhance the aesthetics and feel of your space: bringing nature into your home will create a refreshing pop of colour, as well as offer a soothing effect. Flower aura provides a list of plants to include in your window garden should you wish to maximise tranquillity in your home.
    window plants Image credit: Square Rooms

    Pet Haven

    Naturally, we all love our pets and find joy in seeing them comfortable and happy. Therefore, we suggest creating a cosy haven for your dog or cat within the recess of your bay window, especially if you’ve noticed that your beloved companion enjoys lounging in the sun underneath it. You can do this by installing a window seat with a bed for your dog or cat on top of it. If you’re tight on storage space, you could even integrate a storage solution with the window seat by incorporating cupboards into it that house toys, leads, and bowls for your pet.

    By turning your bay window space into a little haven for your furry friend, you will be able to watch them enjoy the sunshine whilst they relax, all while minimising clutter by keeping toys and equipment in a place where they are easily accessible but not a trip hazard or an eye-sore! We’re certain that your pet will love their new relaxation space, whether they choose to use it as a napping area or a handy spot to watch nature from.
    bay window dogs Image credit: fabella home

    Creative Bay Window Ideas

    Hopefully, our bay window ideas have helped you realise the unlimited possibilities that come with the extra space and natural light provided by this stunning type of window, whether you already have them on your property or are considering having them fitted.

    As experts in double glazing in Buckingham, the Crown Windows team are more than happy to advise on all aspects of bay window installation or replacement, so please feel free to get in touch. If you’re wondering about what other types of windows you can have installed in your home, check out our previous article to find out!

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